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    2. CZHIPC



      Address: Itzr industrial Park,Tangqian,Guanlan Town,LongHua District Shenzhen 518110 China


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      Company profile

      CZHIPC is a set of various industrial motherboards and embedded products, industry-specific computer product development, production, sales and service as one of the enterprises. Products related to industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, integrated workstations, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security barebones, disk arrays, passive backplane, industrial power and industrial computer accessories and other products.

      Our products are widely used in industrial automation, communication equipment, power equipment, network security, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, health care, military / aerospace equipment, self-service terminals, storage devices, digital signage, car computer, 3C applications and many other fields.

      Relying on strong R & D and technical strength, complete and flexible product manufacturing capacity, outstanding quality management and brand, as well as all over the country's marketing and technical service network, the company market share year after year to expand.

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