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      Medical digital equipment

      Brief description of medical digital equipment

      Digital medicine is not just a simple collection of digital medical equipment, is a modern computer technology, information technology used in the entire medical process of a new type of modern medical treatment. In the digital medical treatment, the patient can complete the treatment with the least process, the doctor diagnostic accuracy greatly improved, the patient medical records file records all current and historical patient health information, can greatly facilitate the diagnosis and patient self-examination, can really achieve Telemedicine needs of patients with comprehensive data calls to achieve rapid and effective services, digital medical treatment there is a great advantage, that is, can achieve medical equipment and medical experts to share resources. For medical institutions, with a sound health information database is more authoritative, health information system, can greatly improve the competitiveness.

      Basic characteristic

      Digitalization of medical equipment

      Medical digitization, first of all digital medical equipment, which is the basis of digital medical treatment. The so-called digital medical equipment, that is, data collection, processing, storage and transmission processes are based on computer technology, computer software in the work of medical equipment, has gradually replaced the conventional equipment to become the mainstream of clinical equipment. The digital medical device can store, process and transmit the collected information.

      Medical equipment network

      Digital medical equipment can be shared within the hospital to achieve the transmission of video and document data, shorten the patient registration, payment, medication, time to see a doctor and electronic billing, electronic prescription, reduce the probability of errors. In the field of telemedicine, digital medical care can achieve remote teaching and video conferencing, remote consultation and surgery, online inquiries and help and online registration, booking, in order to achieve the sharing of global resources.

      Hospital management information

      Managers can keep abreast of the operation of the hospital and the work of the various departments through the network, so that the hospital is always in the best running state. Moreover, the hospital can provide patients with all the necessary information at any time.

      Personalization of medical services

      People can be at home through the network booking, registration; people no longer need to wait for inspection results in the inspection department, a variety of medical imaging images and data can be transmitted directly to the doctor in front of the network, the doctor can timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients. Based on the Internet, cable television and other private health care services and public medical advisory services, will always remind the public to carry out physical examination to predict the occurrence and development of a disease, recommend new treatment to patients, so that patients can enjoy the individual at home Doctor's health care service.