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      Digital Signage

      Digital Signage is a new concept of media, generally refers to the large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, airport subway stations, theaters and other people gathered in public places, through the large-screen terminal display device, released Business information, financial and entertainment information multimedia professional audio-visual system. Which aims at a specific physical location, a specific time period for a specific group of advertising information broadcast characteristics, let it get the effect of advertising.

      Digital signage system consists of software and hardware two parts, the user through the enterprise network, private network, Internet, 3G network and other centralized control unified management of multiple high-definition controller and high quality to complete a variety of playback tasks, can be different Of the display terminal to effectively integrate and achieve network management.

      Digital interface software uses an easy-to-use B / S architecture, based on the network platform, the use of distributed regional management technology, can effectively integrate a variety of multimedia resources, remote production, release, management and update programs at any time.

      The system uses the proprietary transmission protocol, the number of digital signage software to support the rights management and program download breakpoint resume, while ensuring the content of security broadcast at the same time, but also to achieve any network bandwidth under the high-definition image quality.

      The following is the number of digital signage software features introduced:

      Program production

      Support real-time information such as visualization of word-of-speech visualization program, screen area free division, random combination video, picture, FLASH, PPT, subtitle and clock weather forecast, make your production more simple and efficient.

      Schedule management

      At any time to set the program schedule, according to the time period to do a detailed management of the agenda, no time limit to create a play plan. The displayed program contents are switched according to the pre-customized date and time.

      Terminal management

      The system uses the distributed point-to-point information distribution mechanism, according to place different places users can specify the display terminal to play a separate screen or unified screen, can arbitrarily specify any display terminal.

      Terminal monitoring

      You can control the remote display terminal connected to the control terminal, such as restart, shutdown, volume adjustment, monitoring screen, remote control, increase and decrease the volume, terminal grouping, playback status and download list monitoring, access to the terminal screen.

      Screen effect

      Support a variety of resolutions, professional visual effects. Attract customers to the eye. Support multi-screen display, flat panel display, splicing screen display wall, LED synchronization screen and other display devices. Support vertical vertical screen playback.

      Program material

      Rich variety of program material library, support a variety of video and audio coding standards and graphic format. Such as: MPEG1 / 2/3/4, WMV, WMA, Real, Flash, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, Word, Excel, PPT and so on.

      User rights

      Support account management, allowing each user to assign different functional modules to manage permissions, allowing different users to assign different players, different program playback permissions.

      Touch screen on demand

      Customers through remote control, touch screen and other tools to on-demand programs, so that your terminal more exciting.