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      ODM, the abbreviation for Original design manufacturing. Is a manufacturer based on another manufacturer's specifications and requirements, design and production of products. The entrusted party has the design capability and the technical level, produces the product based on the authorized contract. For example, computer companies such as HP may make specific specifications for a laptop that they want to market. They will specify the appearance of the product requirements, such as the size of the screen and technical requirements, input / output port, the keyboard forward tilt, computer bag shape and color, the location of the speaker. They also typically specify the main internal details of the product, such as CPU or video controller specifications. However, they do not design patterns, do not specify the power supply with the exchange transistor model, nor the backlight converter frequency to be selected. These are ODM jobs. ODM designs and manufactures laptops according to the specifications of the computer company. Sometimes, ODM can also be produced according to existing samples. ODM way is often more focus on cooperation, and in the case of OEM, the purchaser of the specific specifications of the product does not participate in the basic views.

      The main difference between OEM and ODM is that the former is proposed by the client to design the product design - no matter what the overall design is done - and the commissioned party may not provide the third party with the design of the product; and the latter from design to production By the producers to complete their own, after the product in the OEM side to buy buyers. Whether the producer can produce the same product for a third party, depending on whether the OEM has bought the design. OEM products are tailor-made for the brand manufacturers, after the production can only use the brand name, absolutely can not crown the producer's own name and then production. And ODM will depend on the brand business has not bought the copyright of the product. If not, manufacturers have the right to organize their own production, as long as there is no corporate design recognition can be. White, OEM and ODM differences, the core is whether the product is who enjoy intellectual property rights, if it is the client to enjoy the product of intellectual property rights, that is OEM, which is commonly known as "foundry"; and if the producer Carried out the overall design, that is, ODM, commonly known as "OEM".

      In the industrial society, OEM and ODM can be described as commonplace. Because of the manufacturing costs, ease of transport, save development time and other considerations, well-known brands are generally willing to find other manufacturers OEM or ODM. In the other enterprises to find OEM or ODM, the well-known brands have to bear a lot of responsibility. After all, the product is the brand of their own brand, if the product quality is not good, then there are few customers to find complaints, then there may be on the court. Therefore, the brand enterprises in the commission processing will certainly be strict quality control. But after the OEM, the quality can not guarantee. So, when some businessmen tell you that a product manufacturer is a large brand of OEM or ODM products, never believe that its quality is equivalent to the brand. The only thing you can believe is that this manufacturer has a certain production capacity.