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      Corporate culture

      The essence of corporate culture is derived from the strict implementation of the enterprise system, the system of coercion or encouragement eventually led to a group of conscious behavior, the behavior of this group consciously formed the corporate culture. The essence of corporate culture in Dongtang policy "corporate culture word solution" has been deeply confirmed, which also tells the mechanism of corporate culture.


      Business leaders to "cultural change" function applied to enterprises, to solve the problems of modern enterprise management, there is a corporate culture. Enterprise management theory and corporate culture management theory are the pursuit of efficiency. But the former for the pursuit of efficiency and people as the object, the latter for the pursuit of efficiency to the cultural concept consciously applied to the enterprise, the rich and creative people as the center of management theory. This guiding ideology reflected in the enterprise management to go, there is people called the corporate culture of the various ideas.


      From the reality of corporate culture, carry out in-depth investigation and study, grasp the basic relationship between the various phenomena of corporate culture. Based on practical experience, from the perceptual knowledge to rational understanding, scientific summary, summary.


      one. Corporate culture can inspire employees' sense of mission. No matter what business has its responsibility and mission, corporate mission is the goal of all staff work and direction, is the continuous development or advance of the power of the source.

      two. Corporate culture can pool the sense of belonging of employees. The role of corporate culture is through the refinement of corporate values ??and dissemination, so that a group of people from different places to pursue the same dream.

      three. Corporate culture can enhance the sense of responsibility of employees. Enterprises through a lot of information and documents to promote the importance of employee responsibility, managers to give all employees instill sense of responsibility, crisis awareness and team awareness, let everyone clearly understand the enterprise is the common business of all employees.

      four. Corporate culture gives employees a sense of honor. Everyone in their own jobs, work areas, more contributions, more achievements, and more to pursue a sense of honor.

      Fives. Corporate culture can achieve the sense of accomplishment of employees. The prosperity of a company is related to the survival of every employee, business prosperity, employees will be proud of, will be more active efforts to forge ahead, the higher the glory, the greater the sense of accomplishment, the more obvious.

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